Promedical Weight Loss empowers its patients with a comprehensive personalized weight loss and management plan that consists of medical supervision, individualized counseling, and ongoing education


Obesity is an epidemic in our country. The major concern with obesity is that it increases the risk of other health problems, like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. People diagnosed with obesity, a true medical condition, may feel ashamed and defeated when they can’t lose weight and keep it off. Reversing obesity is not just a battle of willpower. There are often complex dynamics that contribute to each person’s weight, such as genetics, environment, lifestyle, certain medications, and underlying hormonal or health issues. Fad diets and exercise alone often fail, especially without being guided by accurate knowledge of what is right for YOUR body.


Those who are overweight likely have tried to lose weight on their own. But without considering all the factors that could be contributing to their weight, without continuous monitoring by a medical provider, and without seeing lasting results, their efforts fall flat.

For many, what they actually need is a comprehensive personalized weight loss plan consisting of medical supervision, individualized counseling, and education.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs:

  • Are customized for your specific needs

  • Include prescription medications, vitamins, or supplements to help your body lose weight

  • Provide regular monitoring and medical screening

  • Provide counsel to guide and encourage you

  • Give you the knowledge to make educated choices on your own, to keep the weight off


In contrast to larger, incorporated franchises, ProMedical Weight Loss offers a personal, functional, and sustainable approach to lose weight and keep it off. This requires a highly specialized understanding of the metabolic, psychological and behavioral components of obesity.

ProMedical providers are specially certified practitioners who have over 20 years of Obesity and Hospital Medicine experience. It is this experience which clearly illuminates the fact that overall health must become a priority, as irreversible damage is a physiologic certainty. Armed with this knowledge, our mission is to work with patients on a tailored, individual basis to become healthier and remain that way for good.

Unlike most commercial weight loss programs, ProMedical Weight Loss will provide patients with the education they need to understand why we gain weight and most importantly how to lose it and keep it off. Teaching begins at the first visit and continues throughout the program.

An important aspect of successful weight loss is accountability. Unlike other programs where individuals meet in a public forum, which can be embarrassing and demotivating, ProMedical Weight Loss provides private weekly follow up evaluations, where you can feel comfortable to freely discuss challenges or perceived failures.

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