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We provide individualized weight loss support supervised by a medical provider. Our first meeting will be a medical consultation that allows us to learn about you, allows you to get answers for your questions, and enables us to determine if you’re a candidate for our medically supervised weight loss program.

Our Program Helps You Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Obesity is now known to significantly decrease lifespan as well as quality of life. Weight loss is not as simple as dieting and exercise. This disease is extremely complicated, which is why it is so prevalent and often refractory to treatment. Treatment requires a highly specialized understanding of the metabolic, psychological and behavioral components of obesity.

In our program, you will be empowered with:

  • Education on the factors that contribute to your weight
  • A structured plan for losing excess weight and keeping it off
  • A supportive private environment for accountability

Learn Why You Gain Weight

Teaching and learning begins at the first visit and continues throughout the program. Patients achieve a better understanding not only regarding the physiology of fat loss, but more importantly, how the human body responds to poor eating habits related to lifestyle.

Get A Personalized Weight Loss Plan

Our program is a medically supervised weight loss plan that has four components:

Medical Consultation

Our first meeting will involve a medical consultation. The consultation includes a body composition analysis, EKG, and lab review, which gives us detailed and relevant information about the patient’s health and history.

Weight Loss Plan

The patient will start on a nutritionally balanced weight loss plan that includes a combination of selected proteins, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. Patients will have the option to include protein meal replacements (shakes, bars, and other protein based snacks) as well.

Medical Supplementation

For those who are candidates, the program offers prescription appetite suppressants. Some patients may also benefit from lipotropic injections that can help with fat mobilization for improved energy and weight loss.

Weekly Evaluations

Each week we provide evaluations and nutrition consultations by a medical provider.

Experience a Safe Space for Your Weight Loss Journey

Unlike other weight loss programs where individuals meet in a public forum, we provide a private weekly follow up evaluation for each individual. By “weighing in” and discussing each success and failure, patients can freely address their behaviors and learn from them, without feeling intimidated or embarrassed.

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